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06-30-2004, 01:36 PM
I am still speechless, but I thought it'd be worthy to share my today's experience with you...

(I have a shared host account on a Fluid Hosting freebsd server.)

-> Ticket out: 7:31:23 AM
I sent out a support ticket, priority low. Not exactly a problem, more a request. I needed to have a specific feature compiled into PHP in order for one of my scripts to work correctly. My life did not depend on this script, but it would make things easier (or in this case: more secure). So I asked Fluid Hosting if they could add my requested feature next time they had to - perhaps because of a version upgrade - recompile PHP.

<- Ticket in: 10:25:02 AM
Reply from Fluid Hosting. PHP recompiled, my requested feature now included!

-> Ticket out: 11:22:56 AM
Something was still not working correctly with my script. I sent a reply with the output of my error log.

<- Ticket in: 12:19:09 PM
Reply from Fluid Hosting. They made another tweak for my script. This time it worked!!


So consider this:
- My ticket had a low priority (my own choice);
- it was related to a problem that does not affect 99% of the other users hosted on this server;
- I did not expect the ticket to be solved before a next major server upgrade.

And yet, the support team helped me to solve my problem, within 5 hours since I wrote the first ticket.

If you are a regular on this board, you know that I am in general a very picky person and often not easy to please (I am certainly not one of those fanatic host fans who would rather die than admit that something was bad with their host). But what happened to me today proves, at least to me, how special Fluid Hosting is, how different the company is from all other hosts you've tried before, and how important it is to not only look at a host's specs (HDD space, bandwidth, etc.), but also at its support.

Alexander Turcic

06-30-2004, 05:53 PM
Nice one :thumbup:

06-30-2004, 11:07 PM
Yeah, thier good folk. :) :thumbup:

07-01-2004, 11:54 AM
I'll tell you why Fluid Hosting is exceptional, the people. I couldn't ask for better people to work with.

Of course having great customers makes everything go much smoother.