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10-20-2004, 09:05 AM
I have been a customer for over a year with fluidhosting. I have a Unix shared ecconomy account. I see that this is no longer available from the current opitions. Today I recieved a bill from fluidhosting. There is a line that charges for IP#$8.95 yet just a few days ago I recieved an email that you were giving these away. Also I was under the belief that I was allowed to have 1 dedicated IP within my account. Which leaves me to ask what account I have now since the ecconomy is no longer available? It would also be a good practice to perhaps inform your clients before charging them. Maybe a week or so in advance so I would be aware of it. As it stands I seem to have gotten notification that I would be charged after the charge was made. This of course happened at 4:01 AM. Its not a problem but it maybe in the future and not a proper way to conduct oneself IMO.

10-20-2004, 09:31 AM

We did send out notification regarding the free IP. Did you follow the instruction on the notification on how to receive the free IP? I believe we ask for customers to send a ticket to support[at]fluidhosting.com for the request, so that we can review the request and adjust the credit for the IP.

If you have the Economy Plan from our old plan, then you should get 1 dedicated IP. If you have never request for upgrade/change to different plan, then you should still under the old Economy plan. We don't force customers to upgrade to our new plan should they choose to stay with their current plan.

Can you send a ticket to support[at]fluidhosting.com with your account name so that we can take a look at your account?

10-21-2004, 04:28 AM

The notification sent out for free IP is for additional IPs. The offer does not apply for already owned IP. Also, when you pruchase additional features (add more IPs, more disk space, ets), you will be informed about any additional price/cost that will be accured. The purchase can only go through if you confirm for the additional costs.

What is your user name? You can send out the account name to support[at]fluidhosting.com and I will take a look at your account in more details.