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07-07-2003, 11:25 AM
I, along with two other people, run a very small hosting, design and development company. We were becoming increasing disillusioned with the reseller system. Server software was being updated frequently and we had compatiblity problems with some of our customers sites due to untested software versions being installed. And while we don't have any 'mission critical' sites our customers, like us, don't like any downtime. I should however note that our previous host would always go out of their way to help us with any problems that did arise.

Why Fluid
What we wanted was some control over what was going on. We couldn't justify the costs of a fully managed server though. We didn't have any server admin experience other that setting up local servers, so we didn't want to go down the unmanaged route. We started off looking at semi-dedicated but it really isn't much more than a glorified reseller at the end of the day. Then I read about VPS/VDS. I knew then that we had found what we were looking for. We looked into a lot of different suppliers and it was obvious there were many different levels of VPS (basic chroot enviroment to full blown template based system) To be honest we were not overly inspired by any of the companies offering VPS/VDS. Since VPS is more complex than your average system we knew it was important to find a host that knew their stuff. Then I discovered Fluid. The philosophy seemed right - good servers at a good datacenter with good providers and offering good support. However they did look expensive, especially when your coming from a $30/month reseller that's got lots of resources (disk space/bandwidth) to play with. But then we looked at the control we were getting - the equivalent of a managed dedicated server with guaranteed CPU/Memory resources. Then the cost didn't seem so bad. I should add at this point our customers were using CPanel and we wanted this to stay the same so we had to add the extra $19.95 a month. So I sent some pre-sales questions and Jim answered them promptly and courteously. His answers had addressed our initial concerns so we decided to go ahead.

Experience so far
Well that is our first week with Fluid over. So far we are extremely happy. Everything was setup very quickly (minutes not hours after signing up). We had the latest version of CPanel up and working within 30 minutes. There were a few CPanel specific issues that needed to be ironed out further down the line but nothing that someone who knows their way round a linux filesystem and is not scared of SSH can't solve. You would come up against similar problems on a dedicated anyway. I haven't really had the need to try support out (except for a billing issue that was dealt with quickly - thanks!) Anything I've needed help on I've just asked on these forums which are full of great, helpful and friendly people. Server performance has been outstanding, VPS actually has a lot of advantages compared to a dedicated - one example being it's very hard to lock yourself out of your account. CPanel work well in a VPS enviroment, hopefully quota support will be added soon (I have been told and have also read that it will be)

So far I'm 100% certain we made the right decision to move here. We had a very close relationship with our previous host but I think that over time we will build up the same rapport here. Thanks to the staff and the members here that have made the experience great so far.

I'll update this thread again after we have been here longer.