View Full Version : Win questions before I move here

07-17-2003, 10:06 AM
Ok, It looks like Fluid is primarily focused on that OS written at ATT in the '70's. That I can live with and maybe even use.

What I need to know is the level of current Windows use/support and the knowledge of the staff in this area. Everything here looks and feels perfect. Just the type of communicating and service focused host I need but as a windows guy using lots of ASP I'm a little nervous when this board only has two win related posts. How many windows users/sites are here?

Also, all the marketing parts of the site talk exclusively about the Unix goodies and options. I need a good host but not one that is just doing windows "because we have to".

I already got an excellent reply to an email and I'm about ready to sign up just being careful as I prepare to leave a bleeding edge host that is really bleeding. There'll be a few of us looking for the same answers.

07-17-2003, 10:18 AM

As one of Fluid Hosting's technical support team, I have had quite an experience with Windows, both as a user and as systems administrator and programmer. I used ASP (JScript) as my scripting tool with JScript 1999-2000. I then switched to PHP since then.

We host quite a number of Windows sites actually, although due to the prices we have more Unix customers.

By the way, FreeBSD while was a spin off from AT&T Unix, it has no legacy code as it was written from scratch again based on 4.4BSD Lite. It is in no way an "outdated" operating system.

FreeBSD is a modern OS which stands above other OS such as Linux and even Windows. It is actively developed and it has great future directions. It is being used by Yahoo, Verio, and many other large internet organisations. For more info www.freebsd.org

I hope this gives you a bit of an overview of us.