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01-01-2005, 02:06 AM
Does each domain on your multiple domain hosting plan have its own separate email, control panel, etc.? I have several domains with my current host, but they all share the same resources of the basic plan -- i.e., disk space, transfer, email and ftp. So if I want to have an email address of "info@domain#1.com" it doesn't differentiate from "info@domain#2.com" so I can only have one "info@" account. I am really looking for separate emails for each domain.

02-05-2005, 03:35 PM
I have a shared BSD account with several domains using the same account. Email works as separate, meaning joe@xxxxxxxxx.com and joe@yyyyyyyyy.com are completely separate.

The only way you kind of notice that they're running on the same account is that when you check your mail using POP, your account name is "joe@xxxxxxxxx.com" (or "joe@yyyyyyyyyy.comj") not simply "joe" as it would be most of the time for a mail client. But that only matters when you configure your mail client - on a day to day basis the mail for the domains seems totally separate.

This is my experience as a FH customer - maybe the FH people can give you a more technical explanation. I know that on some other hosting company I once used, I couldn't even get the email address "joe@xxxxxxxxx.com" because some other user, with some other domain, had already used "joe". That was a pain, and doesn't seem to be a problem here. -Steve

02-05-2005, 04:18 PM
You not only get seperate email for each domain, but also each sub-domain :D

02-05-2005, 06:20 PM
Hi unregistered,

HSphere (our choice of control panel) offers true multi domains hosting. Each domain (and as intelligrunt said, even each subdomain) will have its own mailboxes. So you can certainly have info@domain1.com, info@domain2.com, info@sub.domain1.com, etc. The websites are also separate. Each domain can have its own website (so it's not just domain pointer). Say you want to have http://www.domain1.com/index.html, http://www.domain2.com/index.html, and http://sub.domain1.com/index.html then on the folder structures is as follows:


where account is your account name and ~account/ is the relative path to your acount root folder. So as you can see, you can have separate folders for each of your domain/sub-domain. Furthermore, under our Unix platform, you can have multiple FTP logins and assign and limit each FTP user to its own folder.

The disk space and monthly transfer is shared among all of your domains and you can only have one control panel login for all of your domains. If you want a separate control panel login for each of your domain (e.g. each of your domain represents separate clients of yours) then you may consider our bulk reseller shared hosting account, which you can learn more at http://www.fluidhosting.com/resell/hsphere/. With the reseller accounts, you can create your own hosting plans and offer both Unix and Windows hosting accounts.

Hope we have addressed your questions well. Looking forward to have you join us!