View Full Version : Several Qustions - Windows transition

03-22-2005, 11:32 AM
I am evaluating options for one of my clients to transition to a new hosting company and have a several questions regarding the Windows hosting plans.

My client has an existing SSL certificate installed, how do you transfer an SSL certificate? Would we have to purchase another certificate, or is there a way to re-generate the certificate?

The current host has the MS-SQL server accessible directly via IP (though not the standard port), I realize most hosts don't offer this, but do you? If not, what kind of access do you offer? Is there a Web-based tool? What is it?

Do the MS-SQL databases grow automatically, or are they increased in fixed increments?

My client also hosts their own e-mail in-house. Would it be possible to add the appropriate DNS entries to the DNS servers via the Control Panel?