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06-06-2005, 06:53 AM
Hi there,
I am looking for a new host for a site I have. I saw someone from here over on another forum about webhosting and they had 2500 odd posts without getting banned ... (geez I am being vague here).

I took that as a good sign of the people running this place anyway.

The site I have is a community site for New Zealanders, it's only about 6 weeks old but when it matures I expect it to have maybe 300 registered users (Hey, I live in a country of 4million people). So I don't expect it will consume a lot of bandwidth ..... but what bandwidth it does consume I would like to be fast.

My current host can serve up a page in an average time of 10min to 3 weeks, but hey they seem to have an up time of close on 2% ..... Ok, I am being sarcastic ...... but I do know their techs shouldn't be let loose on a 486 let alone a webserver ....

What I am eluding to is have a look at my site [ http://www.nzdirtrider.com ] then tell me if you think your hosting would be suitable and capable of serving my site at a reasonable speed?

Maybe you have a customer forum using phpBB2 that I could look at to get an estimate of capability??


06-06-2005, 07:52 AM

I'm a customer of FluidHosting. I've been using this host since February of 2004. Before FH, I had three other hosts. None of them even compared to FH. FH is more expensive than the other three but definitely way better and very much worth every dollar.

If you like, take a look at my forums: http://www.dagta.com/forums/
They are run using phpBB2 and have been running for over three years. I have over 170,000 posts in the database and about 170 users. The forums are now slower than they used to be. At the peak they would receive about 50,000 hits per day. I've had a great experience with Fluidhosting and would recommend them to anyone.

As an aside, would you mind if a USA citizen joined your New Zealand forums? I have some friends in NZ and I am actually considering moving there in a few years so I'd definitely like to be able to talk to more locals if you don't mind. :)

Hope this helps.

06-06-2005, 04:29 PM
Thanks for that .....
No objections at all to overseas members ....

The host I am on at the moment is sad to say the least, my site is in it's most critical phase at the moment .... the time when people are first looking and signing up. I have already had feedback from people commenting "geez, it's slow" ..... which in turn puts people off .... not good.

I don't expect blazing speeds, however I do expect reasonable speeds. I found a site that would test your hosting speeds and it calculated the site to load at the speed of a 33.6 ~56k modem .....

I don't mind paying a bit more for a host that is good ....

06-06-2005, 04:49 PM
Well, I haven't measured web performance on FH but I do get great bandwidth speeds when uploading and downloading files.

I think you'd be much happier hosting with FH. The amazing thing is that I've found myself not worrying about my site staying live when I'm out of town on vacation. With other hosts, I would cringe if I couldn't check my website for more than a day or two.

06-08-2005, 01:48 AM
Your site sounds like it would be a good match for a shared hosting package, and since it's written in PHP, i'd recommend a Unix based one.

Performance is the same for all our packages, the difference is in the amount of space, and bandwidth they include.

One technique we use to increase performance, is to separate services on to their own servers. For instance, we run MySQL, and PgSQL on boxes separate from customer web sites. This allows for a greater amount of I/O to be available to them.