View Full Version : (pre-sales) Usage Meters [Win]

06-10-2005, 06:57 PM
My new sucky hosts runs the same HSphere version as you all, on my Win2K/IIS5 account: 2.4.2 (?) as I'm told by your tech support.

Just learned today, when trying to determine what plan size I would need with FH, that their usage meters on HSphere control panel do not update (or generally malfunction). They say that they have reported it but do not expect a fix until next HSphere cp upgrade. They tell me there is no way for them to determine my used disk space or bandwidth, on a total of 8 domains.

Do you have the same issues with your HSphere control panel? More importantly with a metered account, will I be able to know easily from day-to-day my usuage? [No, I do not consider looking at 9 different Webalizer reports an easy analysis, as do they.]

Obviously, I won't sign up account with FH until knowing in advance what size plan I will need. If you have suggestions as to easy calculations, much appreciated.