View Full Version : Thank You!

06-29-2005, 08:14 PM
Last month found me changing web hosts twice! I moved 8 websites to a new host (ix webhosting), which was a disaster. Servers were not configured as they claimed (presale), and their technical support was useless and consistently inconsistent. Just a myriad of problems there. An exhaustive two weeks of recoding for what they did have, along with the usual email setups, etc. ...All this with a crippled dialup connection, giving me maybe 20kbps.

I just couldn't bear the thought of doing this all over again with another host. But, I made the leap of faith.

Thanks to John for easing the burden of the move. And, thanks to John, Harry, and Dave for answers to the many questions [bet you wish you had the Knowledge Base up and running then, huh] and requests for clarification (from this gun-shy webmaster).

The sites all ran perfectly as they had before the 'bad host' move. Still had all the email config to do, of course, but the email filtering option made up for that.

Thank you to all!