View Full Version : [Hiring] Level1 HSphere and Virtuozzo technical support.

09-05-2006, 01:00 AM
Fluid Hosting, LLC has one immediate Level1 tech support position. Only one position is opened at this moment. This is a local position and applicant must be able to work locally in the datacenter (Zip: 07094-1908) whenever required. Initially applicant will be hired as 1099 (Independent Contractor) employee. Full W2 employment with full benefits (paid vacation, health insurance, etc) is a possibility.

Note: If you meet the requirments below, but are only able to work remotely, we still encourage you to apply. You can still work as 1099 Independent Contractor. Priority will be given to those who can work locally.

Essential requirements:
- 2+ years of extensive HSphere experience. You must know HSphere features (from end-user perspectives) inside out, just like the back of your hand.
- Familiarity with basic Unix file permissions
- Familiarity with common/basic CGI problems
- Ability to do basic troubleshooting (e.g. checking for problems on DNS, mails, network, etc).
- Preference will be given to people who are also familiar with scripting language (the more you know, the more preference you will have) such as Perl, PHP, ASP, ASP.Net, etc
- fluent in English (written/spoken)
- team player

Additional requirements:
- reliable 24/7 internet connectivity.
- phone line (for phone support)
- some hardware knowledge
- able to lift up to 50 Lbs (for local applicants)
- 1 year experience with Virtuozzo (Linux or Windows) and HSP Complete will be a nice addition.

1. You will login to our support ticket system backend and answer/reply pre-sales or support tickets.
2. You will answer pre-sales and support phone calls
3. Analyze problems and escalate problems to Junior Admin / Level 2 Support as necessary
4. Perform work in the datacenter when needed.

Think you are the right person? Then it's your chance to join one of the fastest growing companies with excellent reputation and to work with a great team of people. Send your resume, references, and wage/salary compensation requirement to jobs [at] fluidhosting.com.