View Full Version : A couple questions before I sign...

01-18-2008, 04:30 PM
1. You only provide a 30-day money back guarantee if I sign up for 1 month. Can I pay for 1 month, then sign-up for a yearly discounted cost after that 1st month is up?

2. We use a mass email program for all of our users on a Saltwater Reef club website. We send roughly 500 emails at one time, but it only occurs about 4-5 times a month. Is there a limit on how many emails may be sent at a particular time?

3. Is there a charge for the EasyApps? We specifically require "phpbb".



01-18-2008, 04:39 PM
Hi Darrin,

1) Certainly, that is our recommended procedure.

2) There is no limitation on the number of e-mails sent.

3) There is no charge for EasyApps.