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10-07-2003, 04:07 PM
I have to say that Fluid was a huge disappointment. After a database downtime (not the first and my tech team had to notify them) -- 11am to 4pm on Friday 9/26 with major impact to my business tech support never offered an assurance of fixing of the problem despite many emails attempting to get that result by myself and my technical team. Although I had not requested a credit, they suggested I contact their billing group for one. I requested a 6 month credit. In response, the billing group accused me of exaggerating the problem which their own tech team had full knowledge of and offered a $2.70 credit for my probably hundreds of dollars of business losses. Fluid then terminated my account without reason and refused to pay my substantial expenses to change hosts. While I'm happy to go, it should be at their cost. In my opinion, this behavior is literally sickening. The staff member handling this was FHDave.

10-07-2003, 04:16 PM
Hi Coollawy,

Thank you for your feedback about us/our service. There is always two sides of the same coin. I do not wish to prolong this issue on public. I am sure you, as an attorney yourself, am aware that doing so prior to your legal lawsuit threat may not be wise after all.

Since you have threatened us with a lawsuit, I am closing this thread to avoid any possible modifications to this thread. If the lawsuit does come, everything you said privately or publicly will be used as evidence against you.

Just a quick note, we have not suspended/terminated your site. Since we can't seem to satisfy you, we simply send you an email notification regarding our intention to discontinue service on 10/22/2003, 14 days in advance in accordance to our TOS. This should give you a plenty of time to make any arrangement to move your web site, perhaps to a more capable host than us. Should you require any recommendations of other reliable hosts, please do not hesitate to contact us/me.