View Full Version : Just had to say THANKS!!

05-09-2008, 10:28 PM
I wanted to change hosts and have tried 6 hosting companys within the past 6 months and have had to get refunds from all within 1 month, THEN THERE WAS FLUIDHOSTING...It's benn 2 months since I decided on FLUIDHOSTING for my clients hosting needs and I am nothing short of amazingly impressed. The best feature is the speed, Since switching to fluidhosting, they have provided the fastest and most reliable service I have ever had. This is on shared hosting accounts!! The control panel(H-SPHERE) is good, gets the job done. I wish the file permissions where a little easier to define but it works for me. I will soon upgrade to VPS or just add domains to shared hosting as needed. Which ever I use I have confidence that my needs will be met. peanut butta jelly time.:banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: