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10-20-2003, 09:09 AM
Hi went through your site quite thoroughly and I have a few questions to ask.
But first, I'm new to server configuration but I love apache & opensource - so I'm trying to learn as i go along - hopefully fast.

1.You're using HSP Complete for VPS hosting or CPanel ?

2.Using openwebmail - do i have to upgrade the security patches myself? it's now version 1.8+

3.Can i change the server time-bcoz i'm in asia - I read otherplace where you can only change the log file time & folders time while the email time remains the same? Bcoz to me the email time is quite sensitive, but I think it can be set in Openwebmail?

4.Having multiple emails with multiple domains - the panel itself can do the job?
Bcoz I've had problems in which I will actually have to configure the sendmail conf to have multiple domains have their own emails. I tried HSPcomplete before & it easily creates the multiple emails easily.

5.Subscribing to VPS light how many Mysql hosted sites would it be advisable to run before I upgrade. the applications won't be that intensive.? So for each domain created , they can have their own mysql database right ?

6.each VPS account is already secured or do i have to configure IPtables & apache to further secure it?

7.I can use your own dns to point to my sites right ?

8.Openwebmail does allow users to change their own password after they have logged in right ?

9.I plan to subscribe to that VPS package not the reseller package so I'm not liable for the 250 charge - as you know my technical knowledge is next 2 0 :)

Sorry to trouble you guys, but from the threads I know that fluidhosting would be my choice if everything goes ok.

Thanks in advance.

10-20-2003, 04:38 PM
To answer your questions..

1) We are using HSP Complete for VPS accounts. cPanel/WHM can be installed on a VPS account.

2) You'll need to upgrade/apply security patches. IIRC, last time I upgraded it, it was pretty easy to do.

3) You can change the timezone for your VPS. E-mail should adhere to the timezone setting.

4) You would need to create a POP account, then create an alias under the domain, which points to the POP account.

5) You can do whatever you need with mySQL. As for the number of sites recommended, that's entirely based on their needs.

6) That would depend on how secure you want it. :)

7) Most certainly. The control panel will allow you to manage your domain settings on our nameservers.

8) I'm not sure if you can change passwords in OpenWebmail. There may be a patch that will allow that function.

9) Our solution is semi-managed. E.g. it does require some technical knowledge. Depending on your sites actual needs, it may make more sense to go with a Virtual Hosting package.

10-20-2003, 04:42 PM
EDIT -- never mind -- John beat me to it :)

10-20-2003, 05:43 PM
Just adding to what John has said,

We offer our VPS as a semi-managed hosting solution. We expect the customers to maintain and manage their own VPS. If requested, we can also provide help in managing/maintaing a customer VPS. In such case, we reserve the right to charge an administration fee of $75/hour, billable in 15 minutes increment. For tasks taking less than or around 15 minutes of our time, we will usually do it for free.

10-25-2003, 09:22 AM
So my concern is more on the resource usage of the package that i plan to subscribe - i would like to subscribe to the second vps package with 128 MB ram.
If I plan to have 15 sites on it with a maximum of 5 running mysql database. If the server resources are over taxed based on my package - would all my sites go down.
since some other accounts are running just backup dns & traffic to them are at different time zones - mine over here in asia then i conclude that resources can be interutilized as i read in some threads.

i know the support here is great & the connections here are great.but if i may add, some threads having the server down & taking them for upgrade & all that - I pray that you guys will also consider the time difference of some of your clients maybe me from the asian region - where my ex-host did - they took the server down when it was 4am over in the states while over here in asia it's like 4 pm - working time - my colleagues cant communicate with each other. :)

so i'm real concered to all this- sorry to trouble you guys but i'm trying to have the best of both worlds here, while still starting with quite a budget constraint & yet have such high requirements - though i can gauge that in the beginning few months the resource wont be that heavy & while we also increase our client base. i would really appreciate if my sites wont crash as a whole if the system resource if overloaded.

Maybe you can give some examples on how many sites in particular with heavy traffic & quite moderate mysql usage hosted on a single VPS 128MB ram gurantee package -so that i can budget myself accordingly. if you can safely say that with 15 sites all running 10MB mysql with average 7 thousand hits & the sites will still run smoothly- then i will know how to plan it better.
& another scenario would be if there's only like 30 html based sites with average 4K hits monthly & still runs smoothly?

also 1 last question - why in the contact page - you all dont put a physical address, although i know you all would rather have it in email for support but how about the address ? just read your about us - so you guys have tech support all over the place.

p.s i think vps system would work great over here in asia down the road as more & more people get more savvy.

to also double confirm on the outlook express email settings
so POP3 server & SMTP server name would be: mail.abc.com
unless my ISP requires me to have smtp.isp.net

On the time issue- OPenwebmail does allow you to have your preffered time zone settings right? so that when i send an email via the weblogin - it will show my local time. But if i send it out my outlook it will follow my computer time right - just to double check- sorry.

await your reply.

10-26-2003, 01:43 AM
We only bring down servers, when we need to. However much we'd like to prevent downtime during business hours, it's impossible on a global scale. Even if it's not business time where you are, it's business time somewhere else.

It's really hard to say how many sites you would be able to safely host. There are a number of factors which would effect it.

As for the mailing address. It's given out, when people request it.

We do have techs in various areas, which allow for us to provide prompt support throughout the day.

Your e-mail assumptions are correct. You can configure your timezone on the VPS so that everything is running in the timezone of your choice.

10-27-2003, 04:04 AM
Ok, I've finally purchased a package with upfront 3 months billing.
I hope you didnt reject my CC, as I'm using me boss CC who is from Canada but now residing here in MY.

That was 1 of the problem that didn't get resolve with another host, which is still pending but their billing dept is so so slow.
I hope you guys wont dissapoint.

Will see how it goes.

10-27-2003, 11:06 AM
Hi John1,

Please check your PM. Thanks.