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01-22-2004, 03:26 PM
I am considering changing from my current hoster to you. Some questions:

1. Is number of pop3 mailboxes limited?

2. My current provider, interland, requires that I use my ISP SMTP server for outgoing mail. I understand you provide an SMTP server dedicated to my domain and that all outgoing mail is routed from to that server and is independent of my ISP. Is this correct?

3. Do you allow definition of 'catch-all' pop3 mailbox for mail sent to name at my domain for which a pop3 mailbox has not been created? Example, can I catch mail sent to 'nodefinedmalbox@mydomain.com' ? Not an alias but a completely undefined user.

4. If I change to use your hosting, I do I ensure that no mail is lost? How do I get to my original provider if dns points to you?

5. What happens if I prepay for one year and change to a more expensive plan and wish to prepay for one year?

6. How long does it take for you to establish a transferred account?

7. I notice an 8 hour time differential. Where are you located? Where are servers located?

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01-22-2004, 04:01 PM

I'll try answer your questions as best as I can.

1) There is no set limit on the number of e-mail boxes. We support both IMAP and POP3, along with a webmail interface.

2) Our SMTP server is setup so that you can e-mail though it. We implement POP-before-SMTP authentication to prevent server abuse. However, if your ISP blocks the use of third-party SMTP servers, you'll need to use theirs.

3) You can setup a catch-all e-mail account right from the control panel.

4) To ensure that no e-mail is lost, you'll want to have your hosting services overlap for a few days. To check the e-mail at your old host, you would need to set your e-mail client to use the IP address of their e-mail server.

5) You'll be charged the difference of the two plans. E.g. whatever funds were left, will be applied to the new account plan.

6) New accounts are processed during business hours, which are 9AM - 5PM EST(Monday - Friday). Depending on how long it takes to verify account details, will play a factor in the amount of time.

7) Our company is based in Connecticut, USA. While our servers are located near Boston, MA.

If you have any further questions, and require a fast response please e-mail our sales department. Their e-mail address is sales[at]fluidhosting.com