View Full Version : Thank You, Dave!!

05-02-2003, 02:32 PM
Hi there

I just want to thank Fluidhosting, and especially Dave Tong, for the fast support you gave me yesterday after I had some signup problems. Thanx!

After 'escaping' from a previous hosting firm (not mentioning them here), I was understandable very weary of any hosting firms, but was pleasantly surprised at the professionalism and superior service I got from Fluidhosting.

My account was setup in superfast time and I already got my files on digiprojex.net up and running. Just waiting for the DNS for digiprojex.com to resolve and then will ftp those to server too.

Thanx again, guys!! I will make sure to carry your name high wherever I wander on the net, hehe.


Pieter at Digiprojex (Pty) Ltd

05-02-2003, 02:40 PM
You are very welcome, Pieter. I am happy to hear that you are happy with our service :) Thank you for your nice feedback on our service. I hope your hosting experience with us will always be an enjoyable one!

Best wishes!