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05-03-2004, 08:27 AM
I've been with FH for about 6 months now, and I wanted to give a little review. I've used (and am still using) some other smaller hosting services so I can do some comparisons.

One of the main things I love about FH's hosting accounts is that you get to have multiple domain names even for the very inexpensive accounts. I think this is a great feature and it works really smoothly. It seems like just about all the features I could want in a low-cost hosting account are available also.

In terms of reliability, FH hasn't been perfect but problems have been very shortlived and one gets the sense that any connectivity problems are given top priority and that the FH people really CARE.

Another thing I really like about FH is this message board. Not super active, but then again I have other things to do with my life. But when I post a problem report or a technical question I tend to get great feedback both from FH people and other customers. I was pretty happy with my main previous host in terms of reliability and performance ( http://www.servercentral.net ) but the fact that they don't have a message board like this is a huge negative in my opinion.

Anyway, I'm very happy with FH after 6 months. Maybe I'll post another report at my one year anniversary! -Steve

05-08-2004, 09:42 PM
Pretty good:
2004 May 0 100.000% 0.000%
2004 April 2 99.722% 0.278%

Not bad, not bad at all.
One year plus now!

05-08-2004, 10:27 PM
13 months here and these guys are the greatest. :thumbup:

05-08-2004, 10:34 PM
Thank you all for your nice comments and confidence in our service. After a long hours of work, it is always great to good to know we make our customers happy at the end. Our mission statement/business philosophy can be summarized with one single sentence, which is my signature below :)

We are looking forward to providing you with even better service.