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fluidhosting review -- very impressive

Today we're taking our website down -- it was an experimental project, it was never intended to last as long as it did, but we learned a lot from having it online. Of course this has nothing to do with Fluid Hosting, it's just an executive decision on our part to take this particular website down.

In a way, it's kind of hard to believe we've been hosting this site with Fluid Hosting for almost nine years or therabouts. It's been a really, really good experience. No complaints, no downtime problems that I can remember other than the occasional maintenance -- now that's an accomplishment!

I have to say -- I mean, that's just really impressive. It's not quite a decade, but it's a long, long time. They've kept this thing up and running smoothly, and have never given us any reason for doubt. This is serious stuff.

If or when we decide to rethink the website or take a different project online, we know this is one of the best places to get hosted. Internap, Equinix, AHA (not getting those maintenance notifications anymore). Yeah, it's been really, really cool.

Here you have a company that takes web hosting more seriously than the others. They're making a commitment -- perhaps not everyone needs that level of commitment, but I figure it can't hurt. However -- if you need that level of commitment from your host, look no further -- this is the place to be.

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