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Well, I have only been a [great] client for 2 years and have to concur. After struggling for years with another host, being beyond patient when it was costing me a lot in lost sales due to down time or constant mail issues I read a lot of reviews and decided to try Fluid. I never ran a VPS before and was unsure I could handle the technical issues of self-management.
My apprehension was for naught. The only technical issues in two years have been a couple times we needed to add modules or upgraded the MySQL version. I did not have to do anything, the folks at Fluid took care of everything immediately. There have been no down time that was not announced well in advance for either scheduled maintenance or upgrading equipment, and none of those were done at a time that had any impact on our eCommerce web site.

I used to have to monitor our sites hourly just to catch the Application Pool crashes or the email outages on my old host. That meant I was thinking about the servers and access every hour for 8 years. After switching to Fluid, I forget we even have a server but for every few months when it pops into my mind that I am NOT thinking about servers anymore. That is when I check the control panel..."yep, same as it ever was.." then I check the forum(which we used to stay logged onto because other people's problem popping up there would be a predictor that it would happen to ours as well) and ...."nope, still no new posts since 4 months ago....". I was initially reluctant to signup due to the lack of activity on the forum seemed odd and might be an indicator of lack of customers. I posted that concern about lack of activity and someone answered that it was silent because all the clients forget they have a server, it just works. It is true. After being in a technical field for decades(a top world class recording studio) with reliability being the key to keeping addition to keeping hit records being popped out, I can tell everyone that a complex system that is highly reliable is no accident, it is not even mainly top gear. It is the planning, knowledge and effort by the staff to make it that way and keep it that way.

I'll check back in another 6 months;>)
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