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Video Update Response

I need the ability to stream video inside a membership site and as you know video is a different game but before I commit to a secondary hosting solution for my video content such as, which would allow me to point my videos to only view through my Fluid based web site, does Fluid have any options, opinions, likes or dislikes regarding video?

If I understand right, scripts/library could be installed on my Fluid account to act as my uploader/format process crucher/etc but does the use of the AHA Cloud make Fluid a real option for a video membership site?

I ask because the bandwidth price for video is much higher than a typical host though I understand there are considerations such a CDN stuff.

Any advice here, known afforable solutions or management software for video?

Since it would be a video club I'm talking between 50 to 150 videos (tutorials). Heck, I'd bump up to the biggest shared plan but VPS is something I can't make time for, thanks.

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