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I was one of those customers last year that had their accounts sold off in the middle of the night by Steadfast. I guess Steadfast was losing money on their shared accounts which is why they made the move to free up resources so they can use to support their more profitable customers (private servers).

At first I was very very worried about this because I never heard of Fluid Hosting until that point and had thoroughly scouted and was a customer of Steadfast for so many years. I also read some posts on Fluid Hosting own forum about ex-Steadfast customers not being to happy as "being sold as a commodity".

Looking back with 20/20 vision, I would like to thank Steadfast for picking the BEST web hoster for my company.

In the famous or infamous letter emailed by Karl of Steadfast, "I'll get straight to the point"
I was originally going to write a novel like explanation as to why I came to this conclusion but think just listing the Pros, Cons and Other Thoughts would be best suited here.

1. You get better level (if not the BEST) of performance service at Fluid Hosting than you would with Steadfast or any other webhosters including cheaper ones like ipowerweb that promise you the world at the fraction of the costs. In the end what you want is your website to have zero problems all the time 24/7/365 days a year which is what Fluid Hosting faithfully provides.

2. The world is not perfect and sometimes things do go wrong. When this happens, you want your issues resolved very quickly and very professionally to your satisfaction. So you get better level of customer support (if not the BEST) for your website at Fluid Hosting than you would with Steadfast or any other webhosters especially cheaper ones like ipowerweb.

Fluid Hosting provides the best customer support PERIOD, which is very uncommon for any company, let alone a webhoster. They will bend over backwards to help you with any special requests!

3. The staff at Fluid including Dave and John and everyone else KNOW what their stuff and are the most professional people I have ever met!

I am listing this as a pro for this reason comparing to other companies: The disadvantage of cheaper webhosting like ipowerweb is that their tech support is bad!
For the price of cheaper webhosting, you get cheaper support. If you need tech support from them to get your website back online, they may not be able to help you because they don't know how. They can only do the basic troubleshooting for you. So if they cannot resolve your problems beyond the basics, you can spend an enormous amount of wasted time figuring out where the problem is which in my opinion is not worth the cheaper price.

If your website goes down in the middle of the night, you want it back up as soon as possible! and not have to wait on the phone talking to tech support for 5 straight hours.

So you get better level of tech support (if not the BEST) for your website at Fluid Hosting.

Pros # 2 and 3 are actually very related. Pro #2 has to do more with dealing with customers to the customer's satisfaction while Pro #3 is more based on Fluid's high level of tech knowledge in resolving ANY technical issues that come up.

1. There aren't many cons, so I really have to nitpick to come up with a few in order to write an honest review.

Even though Fluid offer 24/7 ticket support, they don't have 24/7 phone support as some other companies. I stress this may or maynot be a bad thing though but I list it as a con anyway since I would like it available.

Just because you have phone support 24/7 does not mean your problems will be solved quicker than 24/7 ticket support. I was once put on hold on the phone for 5 freaking hours with webhoster called ipowerweb when my website went down. This was enough for me to quickly make the move to another company.

Any issues with Fluid Hosting has been very very quickly resolved through 24/7 ticket support or emails to my satisfaction.

2. I was moving from shared hosting to a true VM (virtual machine private server) with Fluid. The one-time migration was not as smooth as I thought it would be. I also like to note this maybe of some special requirements I ask of Fluid such as a specific IP address I wanted and SSL, javascript and website incompatibility issues that had nothing to do with Fluid. Again, I am nitpicking but Fluid helped get these issues resolved quickly and professionally so my company website could be online.

3. Fluid said they were going to list VM pricing on their website which was still not up yet. It still only list shared, VPS, colocation and reseller pricing.

Other Thoughts:
This is only a guess but I am guessing this is how Steadfast started out when they offered shared hosting, giving customers performance and pricing that could not be beat. But through the many years afterwards, it may have been their downfall of offering shared hosting accounts. They started to attract so many customers on their shared accounts, too many in fact that they saturated their servers to the point that it started affecting their business so they had to sell all the shared accounts off.

I am hoping the same thing does not happen to Fluid Hosting years down the line as other people start to recognize the value and service they are currently getting if they are here with Fluid Hosting.

As mentioned, I was only nitpicking with the Cons and think the Pros say it all about Fluid Hosting. The best level of customer support and the performance of your website year round should be the deciding factor in choosing Fluid Hosting.

Thank you for taking the time to read my analysis and honest review,
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