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Originally Posted by Laimonas View Post
Am also from Steadfast. Would like to ask 2 questions:
1) Are backups for free at Fuid?
2) What webmail clients are you using? Do you have Roundcube, which I liked most? How much space do you provide for emails? Steadfasts plans didn't show place for mail. I.e. I had Basic plan, which mentioned 500 MB of space, but actually I had 500 MB for site and additional 250 MB for mail.
Welcome Laimonas,

You can keep what you have with steadfast. So if you have roundcube, we will keep supporting that; we don't have any intention to change anything for the time being. Steadfast plan is very generous, though for this reason, their servers are quite stressed out at this moment. We would introduce more servers and start balancing out load.

Regarding backup. Whatever policy you have with steadfast, we will simply carry forward. For our own customers, while we do not charge for backup, we do charge when backup restore is requested, especially when it is clear such restore is requested due to customer's own negligence. However, this policy is currently under review and may change when we release our new TOS shortly.

Let us know if you have any further questions/concerns
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