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Hi Hary,

OK, our customer is finally ready to move forward with this so I wanted to just confirm a few things with you. Here's basically what I think we need:

- A normal Unix VPS account with Webmin "control panel" installed.

- Installation and configuration of the OpenVPN software on the server to get it set up to work with the openVPN client users. (We'll take care of any client-side stuff.) (ie: We'll have two users to start, and should have a different un/pw.)

- Installation of the OpenVPN "webmin module". I think this will more easily allow us to use the WebMin CP to add/remove VPN users.

The server will not be used for regular domain/website/email hosting.


1) Can you confirm that this sounds ok for what is needed? (Customer needs *all* internet traffic from their VPN client computers to be routed through the server, including DNS, IM chat, email, browsing, etc.)

2) Can you let me know what will be the cost?

3) Can you tell me what "semi-managed" means?

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