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We don't offer Fantsatico, however, you can purchase a license from them, and install it yourself.

We do a standard CentOS install, with minimal services setup. Beyond that, no additional security setup is done. As for a firewall, iptables is installed, so you can create firewall rules to restrict traffic.

For software such as PHP, or other applications which are included with the VPS, we offer support on them. So, if you need PHP, etc. upgraded we can do that for you. If they suddenly stop working, we'll take a look.

For migrations, we charge an administration fee to perform them. In addition, our assistance is limited to making sure Apache, MySQL, etc. are setup for the account. We don't provide assistance with updating any paths, or settings for scripts actually installed on the accounts.
Thanks John!

Let me work on a few things and I will be signing up with you guys in the next couple of weeks.

Thanks again,
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