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I have no idea of what is going on there but in January of this year my business site went down, everything was lost and in the peak of booking for my tour business. Backups were accessed by support but those failed and corrupted and lost everything, over $100,000 in sales. But I should have moved long ago, my first account was in 2005 and stayed with them because the service was really good for a long time. 2 years ago however something failed with the VPS and I was told it was damaged beyond repair and that I had to create a new account. I transferred my sites and the new account were not fully compatible and problems popped frequently. But we keep going despite being billed for both the new account and the one that was not accessible. Accounting did not answer any of my tickets for 6 months of double billing. When my main business site gone, all customer orders and booking information gone, I had no choice but to leave. I went to InmotionHosting and although it is a big outfit and I prefer smaller suppliers and personal service, I must say it is reliable and very easy to manage, a lot of tools are provided. When I did need assistance, their live chat never takes more than 5 minutes before a tech is on the other end and everything is taken care of within minute...and it is lower cost. The written reference for all functions is extensive so managing the VPS is easy. Instead of my handcoded HTML/MySQL web site I was updating with more database functionality that I had been growing my main site since 2006 until the unrecoverable crash of the server hosted on Fluid 2 years ago. The new Fluid account was rebuilt using a Joomla CMS until that one was lost entirely last January. After moving to Inmotionhosting I recreated Joomla but more recently changed to WordPress. Creating a new WP or Joomla site is a 1 button process, as are about 150 other scripts that can be installed with a click.

If the last total loss of my business site did not occur I would probably still be with Fluid since I seldom needed support, and did my own management of the VPS.
It is not so easy to move a site that relies on a CMS WP platform, there are so many dependencies and version variables. In the old days when hand coded HTML and maybe CSS, it was easy to migrate.
Good luck everyone, hope Fluid gets back on was a good company for a long time but the last two years has been rather frustrating and expensive losses for me.
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