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And the following email has been sent to all of our customers:

PS: Please do not reply to this email directly as your reply will not be attended to. Instead, please open a ticket from your control panel should you have any further questions/concerns.

Dear Valued Customers,

We are excited to inform you that we have completed the acquisition of Steadfast’s ( H-Sphere customers as of October 27th, 2010. We consider this a strategic move for the reasons outlined below.

First, H-Sphere is at the core of our business. Thus, it makes sense for us to absorb Steadfast's H-Sphere customers, especially given that we have an in-depth experience and knowledge on H-Sphere already.

Second, Steadfast has been using Litespeed (instead of Apache) on its H-Sphere Linux web servers. Litespeed web server offers performance advantages over corresponding Apache web server and this acquisition allows us to acquire the technological know-how of the implementation and integration of Litespeed web server into our existing H-Sphere cluster.

Third, we have been looking to open up additional POPs in other major cities in US west-ward of our current NYC metro POP. This acquisition opens a possibility for such plan to be executed.

And finally, this acquisition allows us to improve services to Steadfast's H-Sphere customers by introducing Windows hosting and cloud-based H-Sphere setup. Such features are default for our current customers and will definitely be welcomed additions for Steadfast's H-Sphere customers.

Additional information regarding this acquisition is available at We have also created a thread on our community forums at for further discussions.

On this note, I would like to welcome Steadfast’s H-Sphere customers into our extended family.

Dave Tong
Founder and Owner
Fluid Hosting, LLC
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