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Welcome na_mirage,

Originally Posted by na_mirage View Post
Changing text in what is supposed to be a direct quote isn't a great start .
Both Karl and I worked to agreement on the letter that was supposed to be sent to Steadfast's customers. It seems Karl made a final revision which I did not get. So, my apology if the version I posted was different. No ill was intended though.

I do appreciate the seamless transfer that you are doing, but which was kinda expected given the underlying h-sphere system.
It would have been nice to get 30 days notice from steadfast of this change as I'm not particular sure yet if I want to do business with fluidhosting.
The terms of the sale is something that I and Karl have worked on and come to agreement. Unfortunately with such sale, advance notifications may not be possible.

I'll be keeping an eye on this forum and looking to see if can find other hosting I'd prefer to use.
We would love to have you remain as our valued customer. I know that there are always concern and anxiety with any business acquisition. But we are not a fly-by-night hosts (having been in operation for the last 10 years) and Karl will not have chosen us if he did not think we would be able to take a good care of you.

And, you are certainly not a commodity! We have all intention to treat you the way we treat our own customers.

You've got some extremely high standards to live up to, to match the excellent service steadfast have provided myself and other steadfast customers over the years.
Lets hope that fluidhosting is up to it.
We will live up to it, and even exceed your expectation.
Do to others what you would want others do to you.
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