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I have a bone to pick! Lol.

Ok I am part of the whole Fluid buying Steadfast deal. I'm all for change, as long as the change is good, and first impressions are everything, aren't they?

Well sad to say, my first impression wasn't good of Fluid. I will explain why.

On October 27th, 2010 I received an email from steadfast about the sale.
On October 29th, 2010 I received an email from Fluid Hosting, about the kernal upgrade.

Where did my Welcome email go? Why didn't I get one?

I emailed Fluid, and they replied right away with an email showing times and dates of 'all' the emails they have sent me. Nowhere in there, did it show the first email I got on October 29, 2010, even though they indicated in their email that it was 'all' the emails they had sent me.

Now I am all for change, as I stated. But it would of been nice to have received that email along with all the other clients, as I'm sure there was information that I would of wanted to be aware of. To be honest this left me feeling as if I didn't matter.

Should I be looking for other hosting? Maybe I should, or at least have a place I may want to go to. I am really hoping that this is one of those things that happen. I use gmail as my email service, and I never had a problem with my hosting sending me emails or any other email for the matter, that I can recall. Perhaps it's something that should be looked into further.

I have 4 domains hosted here, and well it's a lot to consider moving, more than one would think, so I am really hoping to stay, and fall in love with Fluid Hosting.

Well I said my peace, I hope that this don't ever happen again. I want to like Fluid but this wasn't exactly a great beginning lol. Anyway thanks for the speedy reply, that I do appreciate very much! Something I loved about Steadfast! And I see Fluid is going to be on top of things, many thank you's!
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