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Re the OP's quoted section;

Letter to Shared Hosting Customers

I’ll get right to the point: Steadfast Networks will be selling all shared hosting customers to Fluid Hosting effective immediately


Thats *not* what steadfast have said in their email to customers, or on their forum post over here:

ht tps:// ault

Q - "I’ll get right to the point: Steadfast Networks is selling its entire shared hosting operation to Fluid Hosting effective immediately."

Changing text in what is supposed to be a direct quote isn't a great start .
I'm a steadfast customer being affected by this change and I don't really appreciate being described as a commodity item that can be bought and sold.
Karls original text was more appropriate.

I do appreciate the seamless transfer that you are doing, but which was kinda expected given the underlying h-sphere system.
It would have been nice to get 30 days notice from steadfast of this change as I'm not particular sure yet if I want to do business with fluidhosting.
I'll be keeping an eye on this forum and looking to see if can find other hosting I'd prefer to use.

You've got some extremely high standards to live up to, to match the excellent service steadfast have provided myself and other steadfast customers over the years.
Lets hope that fluidhosting is up to it.
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