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Sorry guys, I think I confused you all in my last post. I'm not at all concerned about canceling my account with you guys. Honestly can't imagine wanting to do that considering how great FluidHosting looks

I only want to make sure my customers can cancel hassle-free. I've been reading forums like for several months now and I've seen how fast issues escalate when a client gets frustrated. Especially if they don't get a refund a.s.a.p.

If I'm being unreasonable and picky about wanting this module, please do tell me. I'm only a little web designer, not a host(yet). Slowly learning and working to make wise choices. :-)

P.S. I can't explicitly guaruntee a reply to customers concerns within even 72 hours all year round, as this will be a one-man operation until I am positive the business is stable and a good branch off of my normal web design services. If for whatever reason I was unable to reply to a customers concern and they needed/wanted to move, I think they should be able to. Is that fair reasoning or am I thinking about this all wrong?
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