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I am not only happy, but proud to announce this as I believe we are the first HSphere host out there having the ability to offer our customers offsite backup MX record as part of our default service. It is a shame that HSphere is quite limited in this regards. We simply could not designate one (or more) server as the backup mail server. Rather, what HSphere has is the ability for one mail server to be a backup mail server for the other. However, we insited to have the backup mail server located off-network. The backup mail server is located in our rack in Telehouse, NYC (Manhattan). Thus, in the rare even that our whole Equinix network is down, all emails will still be accepted by the backup mail server in NYC.

John has been the primary person working on this project. Thanks John!

With this, I believe our mail service improvements are completed. Should you have any other suggestions on any improvements we can make, feel free to let us know.
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