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Originally Posted by Skibum View Post
How goes the battle OG?
This is terrible... I have very simple websites (which is why I'm on shared all these years).... honestly, the most complicated thing I have is a form for people to fill out and send to me.

They have messed it all up.... only reason my personal email is working is because I have it hosted with domains live (microsoft).

My business emails are all gone/missing/down. Well finally I can get email but can't send.

Three of my main business sites are down.... but two others that I don't care about that much work. Although the contact script does not work.

Luckily for me:

1) I actually stopped all sales a couple of months ago to finish some projects... so this is mess is not that bad. I'd be horrified if this were still my main business/source of income.

2) I have all emails backed up...

3) I feel bad for my customers who might have tried to contact me this week who might need support or have questions...

4) I think this was avoidable... I asked questions beforehand and they ignored me. Now we are spending more time trying to fix issues.

5) I should be angry, but I'm not... disappointed that FH has been around for so long but this move is like they started hosting 6 months ago. Very baffling.

6) they have never returned my telephone calls...

7) verified dave still owns the company

We will see... but so far this is a huge failure, in my opinion. Well, there is no way this does not end in failure... no way they can recover from this one. It can only get worse from here... and I hope it does not!

I really feel sorry for people who might have sites they depend on to make a living... I'd advise them to leave before going through the migration... that might be a better option.

I won't be looking for new hosting unless I get on this new system and it craps out. If I get on the new stuff and it works like the previous setup (where I don't worry about my domains), I'll stay. If there are issues, I'll look for hosting someplace else.

To end on a high note... they have answered emails quickly when I put in a ticket.

PS. to add, I'm not writing this to get a refund... I don't need or want a refund for my troubles... I would like them to take a look at that script they are using... it does not work well. Fix the issue for upcoming customers.

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