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1. You get full root access. You can even set up your own firewall (using iptables on linux or ipfw on freebsd). Run tcpdump and the like.

2. You can pretty much install any software you want, replace sendmail with qmail / postfix / exim, install djbdns instead of bind, or try using thttpd instead of apache. You can install your own php modules etc.

3. Performance - this is quite relative. See how this forum performs for example. Give me more hints about what you'd like to know regarding this one.

4. Bandwidth ? As in how much bandwidth or as in how fast can the data be transferred? The traffic allowance is listed on the pricing page as for the size of the pipe: the FreeBSD setting is a bit different to Linux.

FreeBSD defines maximum bandwidth e.g. 5mbps - 10 mbps whereas Linux defines minimum bandwidth (guarantee).

We currently set FreeBSD bandwidth to 5mbps however if you have special needs we can adjust it.

5. Testing - contact us separately (click Contact at the navigation bar above)

Please also be aware that as of now we only officially sell Linux VPS service. There are several things in FreeBSD that prevent us from offering the service. The stability has been very good, however we can't bill people on their usage yet

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