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Originally Posted by stanj View Post

My question is for current users, are there any oSCommerce carts hosted on your account that I can check out for site response on either a Fluid Hosting VPS or a Shared Reseller account?
Do you ever see unusual slowdowns or time outs of queries? Do you classify it as a small, mid, or large cart in volume of orders?
I don't use OScommerce... my customers pick the products they want, then it takes them to a cart hosted by my merchant account provider (technically not my merchant account provider, but it sounds like you will know what I mean). This setup for me makes sense, and allows me to not worry about security (I stay on top of it, but easier than me having to "roll my own").

I've been here for four years and not had any issues so far.

Email questions; Do you have problems with Comcast and other large providers blocking mail even temporarily if you are on a shared account? AOL?

Thank you for any suggestions or information you might offer.
So far I've not had any issues... we used to send out monthly newsletters but stopped for a short period. On regular email, I have one personal account that I use with fh and I've not had any problems.

My main email accounts use an email hosting provider... not that I don't trust the email hosting provided at FH (never had any issues), I think that email and web hosting don't really go together... not if you are serious about your email.

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