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Originally posted by stegic
Firstly, when are you planning to role out the BSD hosting?
There is no fix ETA on FreeBSD VPS yet. From the tests we have done so far, it is basically ready. However, we are still reluctant to offer it to the public because the resource usage for this VPS will still be unmetered. Thus, you can use more than your allocated resource (bandwidth, CPUs, etc) for free.

Secondly, are there any back up drives/ back up mechanisms available to backup certain directories in this package?
All of our VPS servers will come with a 2nd backup hard drive where you can even backup your whole VPS to. If your VPS fails, you can always recover your VPS from the last backup.

Oh, one more thing... when logging in to the machine... does it *seem* like I am using my own server? I mean... the directory structure etc. is all the same as it would be on a regular server?
Yes. All directories structure will be the same as it would be on a dedicated server.
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