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Question PHP5 - Fluid Hosting or elsewhere?

There have been several requests and discussions of PHP5 support on the forums. Here are a few:

I totally agree with the logic of waiting until it's ready. But all of these are from a while ago.

Let me say first that I'm a VERY happy Fluid Hosting customer and will recommend FH to anybody who asks. Top notch intelligent and friendly support, fast servers, and good customer-first attitude all around.

But right now I'm starting two different PHP 5 projects, and FH still doesn't support it. So I basically have two questions:

1. Will Fluid Hosting support PHP 5 in the near future, either as a replacement for PHP 4 (hopefully not) or as an alternative to PHP 4 (by extension, account preference, or whatever)?

2. Can anybody recommend another hosting service of quality that does support PHP 5? I'm picky and moved around a lot before finding FH, so something of equal quality would be great.

Thank you all.

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