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Originally Posted by stanj View Post
You will probably get a faster response by writing directly to the sales or support email addresses on the home page. They are very fast in answering such questions but the forum seems to be very low in activity.
I set up an account recently and did not get any answers on the forum for my pre-sales questions but writing directly got answers in minutes.
At first I was concerned what such low forum activity meant but after my few contacts with support/sales, I asume the low activity is due to account holders not having problems. My prior host had a very active forum but we needed it to figure out our own problems. With only a week with the VPS account, I must say everything works perfectly...and very fast, so I probably will not monitor the forum either.
Good luck
Yea, very few of us visit here... I stop in every day or couple of days to check for issues... seems almost like a waste of time since there are never any issues. Guess I check now out of habit more than anything else.

I can't talk for the linux side, but on the windows servers things are perfect... FH does a fabulous job.
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