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Originally Posted by Skibum View Post
Well... so much for the promised less expensive hosting.
My current plan is $45/month paid every 6 months.

With a straight face they just told me I needed to move to a plan that is $70/month PLUS the cost of Plesk. With a 2 YEAR pay in advance.

I swear these folks are trying hard to lose as must business as they can.

Dave doesn't seem to care a bit as he doesn't respond to emails anymore.
As I read the responses in this thread and realize Dave is MIA, I don't see FH in my future as I build my online business in 2019. I'm paid up until Dec 2019 (luckily I'm still on the $220 per year "special" plan).

With my websites going down and dealing with Plex, I'll more than likely go someplace else. Plex is terrible... I don't like how slow it is... it is like working in quick sand.

FH must have made the move because it is cheaper than other options. Just a guess though, don't know for sure.... Plex feels cheap anyway.

What a sad disaster. Business 101... how to destroy a company.
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