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Hi Tim,

My apology to overlook your post here. Since you are already customer, the best way to contact us would be to open a ticket from your control panel.

#1: It is practically impossible to know in advance whether you will be overloading the server resources. The AUP is placed to inform customer that we reserve the right to suspend an account should there be a AUP violation. Having said this, I do not believe you would be in violation of our AUP #17. How would you stream the video? Through httpd? If so, you are not running a CGI process/server-side program on your own.

#2: depending on how much data you would be streaming, I would advise you to get our VPS. You can use the VPS to stream your video data. Since the VPS environment can isolate VPS resources better (e.g., a customer would not affect your VPS and vice versa), we can allocate bigger traffic allowance per VPS, and offer a cheaper bandwidth.

Hope that helps.
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