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Originally Posted by theOG View Post
Hmm... with some stuff I was looking at doing next year, this might be the deal of the century.
Only deal of the century? Not millenium?

How hard would it be to take my account and put in on one of these plans? Would I have to mess with a bunch of stuff or would it be seamless? I'm currently on a windows special plan from 2003...
Unfortunately, this will have to be done the hard way. Not only there is no upgrade functionality from shared to reseller plans. But also, reseller clients have separate web servers (Windows/Unix), mysql/pgsql servers, mail servers, DNS servers to ensure anonymity.

Also, make sure you know you want to get reseller plans. Our reseller plans currently only open to web designer, web hosting companies, and web developers (which I think you fit this description). The reseller plan is more complex to setup than the standard web hosting. However, once you pass the setup phase, it's a very powerful solution for you and your clients. Now all of your clients will have access to the control panel (just like you have access to the shared hosting control panel). Furthermore, you can do automatic billing, the way we do to our clients. It's very powerful solution (look, we use it to drive our business!) and it does come with some overhead to setup.

If that does not make you nervous, then it's the deal of the century (or millenium) you have been looking for

Oh yea .. of course, we are here to help you setup your reseller account, if you choose to have one
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