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Hi Hary,

Thanks. I guess my concerns about using the openVPN client software instead of the built-in Windows VPN software are:

1. This particular customer who will be using the VPN is absolutely brain-dead when it comes to technical stuff. He needs (literally) a button to push. Anything more and he is lost, and I'll end up spending way to much time to support him. If the openVPN client software is literally that simple.. then it sounds good. But in my experience, most "open source" or "free" alternatives tend to require some technical expertise.. which will wind up costing me in time to support this guy.

2. It is critical that ALL network traffic (including DNS lookups) needs to go through the VPN connection. I know that with the built-in Windows VPN client, this is the situation since it's tied into the OS and everything will go through the VPN. Is this the case with the openVPN client? Even DNS queries and *all* network traffic will get routed through the VPN?

Thanks Hary, I appreciate your time with this.
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