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Apache servers or not?

My site is experiencing a few issues and I'm not happy.

Currently I'm hosted on and prefer Apache servers, is that what you run here?

Also, what are the details of the database here? What is it's performance like?

This is what I know where I am, with Ipower.

Server Type FreeBSD
Web Server Apache
PHP 4.4.7
PHP Maximum Upload Size 2.00 MB
MySQL Version 4.0.16
MySQL Packet Size 3.00 MB

I dont want to jump out of the fire into the frying pan. I run a Vbulletin forum with Flashchat attached. The forum is

Currently we are experiencing slow speed but I am only using 1% of their allocated generous resources, however forums operate differently to regular websites with the way they use a database.

I also believe Ipower have a limit to the maximum number of database connections per hour or so, if that's exceeded you come to a screaching halt.

So please, you have come recommended but for piece of mind I need the answers.
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