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Thumbs up Seriously Considering Fluid Hosting

We have a site hosted by Verio at this time, with a Vbulletin forum.
We need to install a new add-on which requires MySql 5.X, but the MySql
on our server is just 4.1.22 . Verio stated we would have to upgrade to a VPS, which I just cannot see [the cost !!].
We're seriously considering switching hosting companies, and Fluid Hosting
looks like a really good company. I've looked at several 'recommended' hosting companies listed on and other sites, but I see "the usual suspects" that I've either tried in the past, or just don't think that much of [Godaddy (I called them earlier and would have had to wait 14 minutes to even talk to anyone), Globat (definite no-go), and a few others]. Thanks to Brandon Shelley's site,, I discovered Fluid Hosting.
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