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VPS accounts?


I am looking for a new host for my hosintg business. I am looking at your Unix VPS plans. Is Fantastico part of the VPS plan? If not, can it be?

Also, when you create a VPS account can you tell me a little about the config. What I am looking for is how the security is setup. Does it also include some type of firewall?

I currently have a VPS account where I am now but have very little, if any, help with management. They screamed at me to upgrade PHP and when I did it caused all sort of problems because now I can't run PHP apps. I followed their upgrade instructions, however found out afterwards becuase I was running a different c-panel version it wasn't going to work. I have had very little help in getting it fixed. So long story short; the account is really useless to me.

What type of help can you /do you / will you provide when something like this happens?

I need to move a couple of dozen accounts. What assiatnce can you provide if I have problems during the move? None of the accounts have any "third-party" software running, but they do have things like MySQL, e-mail, and frontpage.

I look foward in hearing from you.
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