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Quad opteron 4 gb ram scsi disk RHEL 4/0 And/or Equivalent

I run a big vbulletin board.

I saw your post at WHT
And thinking about getting a server at Equinix

I need like
Quad opteron 848
4 gb ram and scsii disk around 30 gb but must be fast
And i f i can RHEL 4.0 or sthning not centos.

I have around 200 users and 1000 visitors MAX right now


Any equvilant servers in terms of performance?
How much for extra ram module?
How much for cpanel?
Any new offerings available at Equinix DC?
I will move from another DC but cant guareente for 6 months If we like at the first month can be even lifetime
So can we waive the setup fee?
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