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VPS, the fear of

Okay, I have searched for nearly 3 months and decided this is where I want to be.

I am planning on creating 4-10 sites over a 1-3 year period and think I might need the power of VPS but not necessarily now ... but if I got lucky, worked hard ... who knows maybe 6-8 months to get 3 or 4 going strong.

My largest quandary is VPS management especially email/spam management and server hardening, I have the fear of the unknown and too technical.

While I have been an IT Team manager I am not tech past fiddling on servers here and there as guided.

I'm good at PCs and understand much of the server lingo and challenges but no experience or hands on and I DON'T want to become a guru, I need to focus on content.

Plus I really wouldn't know where to start to "feel" secure I had done what I should or know the list of things I should do.

Shared hosting experience is pretty high/easy as I have put together web pages in HTML (Dreamweaver/FTP), installed and pointed CGI scripts, and installed several apps including Joomla and such, thanks Google.

Problem is I probably could learn how to manage a VPS but if learning curve is sharp or long or time intensive, I might not be able to balance managing weekly server time beyond a quick back-up and maybe an hour here and there, again the content will keep me busy.

Sites will be either straight HTML type or PHP depending on site and need, mostly PHP Joomla and WordPress.

Eventually one site may grow large and really need a dedicated because it would be for a community "portal" with 120,000 area residents.

As for the others, very little if any ecommerce, light on photographic in general/flash, a few short promo videos. Again, heavy on text content and links out but the community site might be an exception. Probably a few forums too for the sites.

But again at most 5 sites for now. Looking at high end Shared or low end VPS. I like the dedicated VPS resources. Would it be a hassle to transfer from shared to VPS, could IPs be moved?

I assume the VPS uses the same BGP/InterNap as shared? (I thought I saw a post that said otherwise but plan shows yes)

Finally, whew, Cent32 bit or 64? I read that if 64 is "designed" correctly on the memory in particular, that it blazes. Any issues with Cent64 and 3rd party compatibility such as Joomla and WordPress. Advantages/disadvantages?

Have you considered a VPS management for dummies guide that is specific for types like me, too short on time to really learn server management .. and those like me ... with the fear?

Opinions besides too long much appreciated.
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