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Migration Plan for Steadfast Customers

We have finalized our plan. The following letter has been sent to all ex-Steadfast's customers. Feel free to carry on any discussion on this thread.

PS: Please do not reply to this email directly as your reply will not be attended to.

Dear Valued Customer,

As you are aware, on October 27th, 2010 we acquired Steadfast's H-Sphere shared and reseller hosting operation. Since that time, all sites and accounts have stayed on their original servers at Steadfast's Chicago datacenter. During the past three months, we have been preparing the migration of all accounts off their old servers to our newer and more powerful servers powered by our Cloud Infrastructure which utilizes Citrix XenServer and Dell EqualLogic iSCSI SAN storage. We are now ready to make that move.

As part of the move, we'll be migrating all customers from Steadfast's Chicago datacenter, to our private cage within Equinix's Secaucus, NJ datacenter. We had initially planned on keeping everyone within Steadfast's facility. But after much discussion we decided that it wasn't the best option, due to the close proximity between Chicago and New York. Thus our migration plan had changed. In the near future, we are planning to open a POP in US west coast, at which point you will have a more geographically diverse option to choose in terms of where you can choose your account hosted: US east coast, with better trans-Atlantic connections to Europe, or US west coast, with a better trans-Pacific connections to Asia and Australia, or both.

This migration will be done in three phases. Every effort will be made to minimize any effect to your services. We will briefly outline the three phases below:
  1. In the first phase, we will perform migration of all servers off Steadfast’s network to our own New York metro network. To simplify the migration, we will keep the number of servers the same and will continue to use Steadfast’s *.steadfast.net or *.nozonenet.com hostname. We plan to complete this first phase by January 27th, 2011.
  2. Our objective on the second phase is to reduce load across all servers by adding more servers to the cluster. As some of you are already made aware, Steadfast’s servers, by our standard, are overloaded by a factor of 4-7 to one. Steadfast’s mail server, for example, is in average overloaded by a factor of ~7 to 1 compared to our mail servers. Steadfast’s mysql servers are overloaded by a factor of ~5 to 1 compared to ours. And Steadfast’s web servers are overloaded by a factor of ~4 to 1 compared to ours. This is the reason why some customers have complained about performance issue. We intend to correct this by adding more servers to the cluster and start balancing loads across the servers. By the end of the second phase, we will triple the number of mail servers and double the number of mysql and web servers. For this reason, your web sites, mysql, and database may be moved and there might be IP changes. We plan to complete this second phase by March 15th, 2011.
  3. In the last phase, we will integrate all servers to our main cluster, a necessary move to simplify our operation. Because of this migration, the server hostname will change. We will no longer use *.steadfast.net or *.nozonenet.com. At the end of this migration, all shared hosting and reseller customers will have access to our Windows resources (ASP, ASP.Net, MSSQL, Sharepoint, and so on). As with the second phase, there might be IP changes on this last phase. We expect to complete this final phase by the May 31st, 2011.

We have created a thread on our community forums at http://forums.fluidhosting.com/showthread.php?t=4594. Feel free to carry on any discussion on our community forums should you have any further questions/concerns. You may also create a ticket from your control panel and our team will address you.

Following this email, we will send out another email detailing the first phase of this three-phase migration plan.

Dave Tong
Founder and Owner
Fluid Hosting, LLC
Do to others what you would want others do to you.

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