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Old 06-24-2004, 09:52 PM   #1
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Hosting woes

I, like so many other people here, have had more than my share of hosting woes.

My entry into the wonderful world of Web hosting was with Interland back before they were public. For the first few months everything was pretty good. Then my account manager left the company and soon after that things started going downhill. We ended up leaving.

Then I went to ReadyHosting. They were horrible almost from day one. Support was horrible and e-mail and FrontPage were horrible.

I'm not sure about the order here, but I also was on AffinityHosting for a few weeks. I also used a company that offered unlimited lifetime hosting for a one-time payment.

I've only ever had one good hosting company but had to leave them because they didn't support a VPS environment. The only downside there was they didn't have phone support although their e-mail helpdesk was very fast.

I also used a company called Vortech hosting. I tried canceling my account with them and they gave me a huge runaround because apparently they would send an e-mail in response saying I had to cancel using an online form. I never go those mails and ended up having to pay for several months of hosting I never used. They seemed desparate for my money as they send faxes of 10+ pages to my credit card company during the dispute process. It really would have been cheaper to just give my money back especially since I didn't use the service!

Then I was on SplashHost which I'm convinced now was run out of someone's basement. At first they were very responsive. But as so many of my hosting experiences have shown, they went downhill. They were hardly ever on the online chat and helpdesk responses were taking days.

Finally, I ended up back at Interland. Big mistake. Things were bad almost from the get-go. Interland relies on its own proprietary help desk which is buggy and poorly designed. For example, you can have more than one ticket open for one domain in the same category. Plus they run it on a very slow server so often it would take 5+ minutes to just enter a ticket. Their control panel for VPS is also made in house from what I can tell and is not very well done.

Support technicians don't pay attention to tickets and often end up responding to ask questions whose answers that were indicated in the ticket or even do things wrong because they didn't read carefully.

As for getting credit for downtime, forget it. Even for an incident that was caused by a technician error, they refused credit - even though it would have only been a few dollars. They also don't issue credit for e-mail problems or FrontPage extension errors - basically it seems like they don't take responsibility for any aspects of their service.

Finally I ended up here and hoping things will go better. I love the VPS control panel - so well designed and easy to use. Support has been good as well.

I'm interested to hear horror stories from anyone else! Please post...
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Old 06-24-2004, 11:55 PM   #2
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FH is the best. I don't think you'll be disappoointed. I was also at ReadyHosting and it was an awful experience. FH is like a breath of fresh air.
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Old 06-25-2004, 06:45 AM   #3
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It seems like there are a lot of us here from Readyhosting. I'm sure we have a few from Featureprice as well. These companies are the DEFINITION of how NOT to run a webhosting company.
Then there is Fluidhosting.... I have been here now for 15 months and I would not even consider moving elsewhere.
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