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Old 09-17-2006, 08:26 PM   #1
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Thanks Fluid Hosting

It's really nice to be able to recomend Fluid Hosting to others with confidence.

I recommended FH to a friend who was recieving lousy service at his current, now former, host. He was very very nervous about moving all his sites and making a change. Not just a host change, but the change from shared to VPS. His old host ignored all his emails when he was moving and running into troubles transfering the databases. And then his own system crashed in the middle of it forcing him to format his hard drive in the middle of the change.

I told him that it is hard to get used to actually having support and don't be afraid to email FH for help. You guys stepped in and made his world a better place. His sites are running and blazing fast now. I'm sure you have another dedicated and long term customer now.

Thanks for the great support and the confidence you give your customers.
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Old 09-18-2006, 12:02 AM   #2
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hes talking about me

the support here has been more then I could expect
I think one of my clients may want to switch over here too, we may just spilt the next higher vps..

I'd post more on how great everything had been, but William pretty much cleared it up, and I'm still working on fixing my PC back up, plus move a half dozen of my smaller sites still on the old host..

but all I can say is,, anyone thinking of using these guys,, Give it a try, I've only had them a few days, but so far it's been 100 times better then my last host that I had 6 months.
Plus my server loads haven't gone over .01, my last host to see 3. - 5.97 wasn't uncommon

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