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Question Web mail client, domains/sites per account


I have a couple questions before I sign up:

1) What is the current Web mail client available with your Windows shared hosting plans, and does it run on port 80 and/or 443?

2) On the Windows shared hosting plan feature list, there is an item "Number of Domains." For the "compact" plan, it states "2" for this item. Does that refer to an additional host header entry for a single IIS Web site, or does it mean two separate IIS sites?

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1) We offer Horde/IMP and SqWebMail on both port 80 and 443. We of course recommend using port 443/SSL when possible.

2) It means two separate IIS sites, each having its own files, e-mails, etc.

Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions or concerns.
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